Jakob Freund, CEO



Camunda is a software company reinventing workflow automation. Hundreds of companies including 24 Hour Fitness, Goldman Sachs, NASA and Zalando trust Camunda to automate core business processes to the highest possible extent, allowing firms to scale and revenue to grow without proportionally increasing operating costs.

 With its open source workflow automation and decision platform, Camunda provides detailed visibility into business operations across distributed systems, boosts system resilience and enables enterprises to overcome “big workflow” challenges resulting from digital transformation.

One of the fastest growing companies in EMEA as ranked by Deloitte, Camunda is based in Berlin with offices in San Francisco and Denver, USA.


When we decided the time was ripe to raise a series A, we had already been contacted by close to 100 venture capital firms. We spoke to dozens, but no one matched our culture to the same extent as Highland Europe. They’re smart and ambitious, but also friendly and humble, and this mix was more important to us than anything else. They are the perfect partner to join us on this journey.
— jakob freund, ceo and co-founder

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