November 2015

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Adjust is a global app marketing platform

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Learn from Adjust's Lead Product Strategist, Gijsbert Pols, how mobile marketers can master #CTVadvertising in 2022 with our blog post. #mobilemarketing
@Adjustcom Sun 3rd July
Read our case study to learn how the e-commerce branch of Ziylan Group, FLO increased their overall in-app revenue by 45% thanks to Adjust's Measure and Audience Builder. #mobilemarketing #appmarketing #ecommerce #adjustcom
@Adjustcom Sat 2nd July
Looking to get started with TikTok ad formats? Get everything you need to know, including examples of TikTok ads, how much they cost, and more. #appadvertising #adjustcom
@Adjustcom Sat 2nd July

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