Martina King, CEO



Featurespace is the world-leader in Adaptive Behavioural Analytics and creator of the ARIC platform, a real-time, machine learning software system developed out of the University of Cambridge.

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Featurespace has deployed ARIC to financial services and gaming organisations that have services or products deployed in over 180 countries. Customers include TSYS, Playtech, Betfair, Vocalink Zapp, CashFlows, Camelot and William Hill.

The ARIC platform – a real-time, AI software system – monitors individual behaviours and detects anomalies to identify risk and catch new fraud attacks as they happen. The increased accuracy of understanding customer behaviour simultaneously reduces the number of genuine customers whose purchases and transactions are incorrectly declined.

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Highland Europe were inquisitive about our innovative technology, our customer and our reputation. They didn’t just take our word for it, the worked hard to verify our prospects during the due diligence process, particularly Laurence and David. Fiscally thorough, they understood Featurespace’s potential and were swift in their decision making.

There are many technically competent investors, Highland Europe stand out from the pack for a variety of reasons, especially for their team’s commitment to supporting and encouraging ours. Most importantly they are courageous and tenacious, qualities admired by our business.

Choosing the right investor sends a message to the market about ambition and quality, Highland Europe enjoys a stellar reputation and we are hugely motivated by their decision to invest in Featurespace.
— Martina King, CEO of Featurespace

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