Investment Strategy

Our team travels weekly around Europe and beyond in search of growing companies and great talent. We are looking for teams that are applying technology to address the needs of both consumers and enterprises. We do not invest in startups or pre-revenue businesses. Our investments are in businesses led by management teams that have built great products or services and have proven customer adoption. They have achieved annual revenues of over €10M in a capital efficient manner. They have done so while growing the business fast, typically well over 50% per year.

If you are running one of those businesses, please stop reading and call us now! We at Highland Europe are looking to support category leaders innovating in a large market and executing fast.

Getting in touch with us

We should be easy to reach - all our details are on our profile pages. We will try to respond to all inbound enquiries, especially if you have taken the time to understand our criteria, our approach and the most relevant team member.  


We aim to be flexible in trying to find the right investment amount and structure to suit the specific needs of each company and team. Our investments are typically in the range of €10M to €50M. We can invest all at once or in multiple rounds, we can take both significant minority and majority stakes in businesses, and we can make both primary and secondary investments. Our goal is to enable exceptional management teams to build lasting, leading technology companies.

Global reach

Entrepreneurial talent is dispersed in technological hubs worldwide. Our team has backed phenomenal entrepreneurs in the US, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Finland, Israel and the Netherlands. Our companies have customers in every corner of the globe. We are looking for entrepreneurs and companies with a European angle and a global ambition. 

Highland role post investment

We expect to play a lead role in company building and value creation in partnership with company management and founders. At Highland Europe we will contribute strategic guidance, domain expertise and management mentorship to create market-leading organizations. With access to our extensive professional network, we intend to provide our portfolio companies with important introductions to customers, industry partners, potential board members, investors and advisors. In addition, we expect to play an active role in building strong and effective management teams and advising on exit planning and execution. Regardless of who is an official "board member", we put the knowledge and relationships of the full Highland Europe team at the service of our entrepreneurs. We are committed to helping your company grow and succeed.


The businesses we invest in will typically be looking for a liquidity event in three to five years. Of course, some businesses choose to stay private and independent much longer, and sometimes things happen much faster than expected. Either way, we will support the management team to do what is right for the company.  The Highland Europe team has collectively been involved in over 30 M&A processes and 10 IPOs, and uses this experience to help management teams navigate to the best outcome.