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At Featurespace, Release Engineering is responsible for the software production capability, ensuring we can always build and release high quality software. As Senior Release Engineer you will participate in the continued evolution of the tools and processes for software production and make recommendations for improvements. You will be expected to help define and deliver those improvements with opportunities to lead the change projects.

Release Engineering are responsible for the support, development, and evolution of the automated and manual testing pipelines as well as the underlying build and CI systems that support them. We are currently evolving our build pipelines to be code based in Kotlin DSL.

You will help ensure the activities and processes related to the safe release of our ARIC product to the business are effective. This includes governance to ensure all appropriate gates and checks for release have been passed and that the as-built product can be recreated later if required.

Release Engineering works closely with the Engineering and Cyber Security Teams to identify potential security vulnerabilities in our software artefacts and the management of dependencies at both build and deployment time. You will assist in the proactive discovery and elimination of those vulnerabilities as well as support the efforts to keep our 3rd party dependencies up to date.

Day to Day

As a member of Release Engineering, you will be expected to work with your team members to support the team with responsibilities including.

  • Maintaining operational capacity for software production, including critical build systems
  • Governance around installer releases, CI and automation
  • Evolution of the build, automation and CI systems
  • Identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities
  • Maintaining and managing build and release pipelines
  • Relentless optimisation of automation cycle time
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