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Our Software Bootcamp is for people who have already graduated and are looking for a career in software development.

This is the third year we have run the scheme, historically this is the type of person that does well:

You have always been a high-flyer. A's, and A*s in GCSE's and A-levels before you headed off to uni.

You have graduated with a degree in Maths, Physics, Natural Sciences or a similar subject.

You have an interest in tech. Maybe you always have had this interest and have tinkered with a few techy things as a hobby since a young age. Or maybe some modules at university sparked your interest in tech. You had some exposure to some Python or Matlab and enjoyed it, this was the catalyst for you to explore coding a little further.

What to expect if you join the Software Bootcamp

You will be mentored by experienced software engineers over a period of up to eight weeks.

You will begin with hands-on programming tasks, starting with a focus on C and elementary operating system concepts, building towards higher-level constructs.

"Bootcampers" are examined every four weeks, with those that pass both examinations being offered a permanent graduate engineer job.

The course is run remotely, with the option of visiting our Cambridge office every four weeks.

We pay you for your time - £90 per day.

After eight weeks, we hope things have gone well, and you have enjoyed your experience. Assuming everyone is happy, we will offer you a full-time position as a graduate software engineer with a starting salary of at least £40,000.

Whatever the outcome, this is a great way to learn, and we genuinely believe the quality of information you receive during this time is unrivalled.

Does this sound like you? Apply now, time is of the essence. We are video interviewing right now intending to start the Bootcamp in early March.

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