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Love taking on everyday challenges and genuinely excited to help customers solve their problems? 


👋 In case we haven’t met before, here’s Supermetrics in a nutshell

  • We build marketing and business data connectors that help over half a million people get data. Literally.
  • Our more well-known customers include HubSpot, Shopify, L’Oreal, Disney, Dyson, and WarnerBros (but we also serve thousands of agencies and smaller companies). 
  • Supermetrics was officially founded in 2013 as a result of our CEO Mikael’s will to win a Google t-shirt (which he did!). We’ve been profitable and growing ever since.
  • But enough about us, let’s talk about you!


Why are we looking for you to become a key part of our team?

Our products are incredibly powerful tools for our customers in cutting hours of time and manual effort from their reporting and analysis processes. This means we're actively used around the globe and receive plenty of inquiries, questions, and reports on issues from our customers. We need your help and expertise with handling this incoming traffic in our ticketing system, as well as for building and improving our processes.


What kind of background and talents do you have?

If you have a proven experience in a custom-facing position and you know what it takes to ensure excellent service standards, then this position could be the right fit for you. 

Maybe you’ve already mastered one of the helpdesk solutions in your previous role too?  You feel at home in a technical environment and love building processes to make life easier for your colleagues and customers alike. In addition to your organization skills, you find your communication skills and empathy to be some of your strong points.


You have most, if not all, of these skills in your toolkit:

  • Superior organizational skills. You enjoy a neatly organized system where all issues are properly sorted out and perfectly matched with our support agents
  • Experience in using a ticketing system - we use Freshdesk but don't mind if you've used another corresponding system instead
  • Feeling comfortable in a technical environment. You don’t need to be a developer yourself, but the more you understand about software, the easier it is for you to get up to speed with our products and systems
  • Marketing background is a definite advantage when working with Supermetrics, as it will add to your product knowledge and help you deliver a better customer experience 
  • Ability to juggle tasks according to their urgency and prioritize - some call it multitasking, you might see it as you have a built-in agile backlog
  • You’re no stranger to improving processes and creating both internal and external content and you’re happy taking action on your own.

Not a skill, but we hope that you have a passion for building a stellar customer experience ❤️


How would you use your skills in your daily work?

  • Your organizing and incident coordination skills are absolutely integral for you to be able to manage our incoming tickets 
  • The ability to recognize patterns and categorize them appropriately helps you with understanding when an issue has a larger reach and should be prioritized and escalated 
  • You'll need your strong communication skills to ask insightful questions from both the customer and internally from your team members. You’ll also need them to inform customers of issues and progress in a friendly and empathetic manner
  • Your problem-solving abilities will help you stay quick on your toes and provide a customer with a spot-on solution. You are encouraged to unleash your logic, creativity, and lateral thinking to make sure the issue is resolved. 
  • Any technical knowledge and experience you’ve accumulated will come in handy when you dive into our products and start learning how they work 
  • At Supermetrics we value human connection, so we are expecting you to focus on your people-first attitude and quality of communication to make sure we maintain our exceptional level of customer satisfaction


What’s in it for you?

  • Work as a part of a diverse and talented team of like-minded people in a caring environment  ❤️
  • Grow your skills and deepen your expertise in supporting a truly international customer base
  • Be a part of a product company where everyone shares a common goal of making us the best business data pipeline ever 
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