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Alkemics is a B2B business platform enabling retailers to discover, negotiate and launch new products from their 1000+ suppliers.

In Europe alone, millions of products are launched every year, each with up to 500 attributes and made by one of 300,000+ manufacturers. Prior to Alkemics, establishing a commercial relationship required numerous back-and-forths between retailers and brands, physically (in trade shows, for instance) or pseudo-digitally (fax, email, XLS templates...) and between various teams (procurement, category management, quality, CSR, e-commerce, marketing...). Because of this painful process, it often took more than 60 days to launch a product. This situation is unsustainable at a time where consumers are demanding a broader product choice, more local products, where Amazon and Alibaba are raising the bar of omnichannel efficiency, and at a time where Lidl and Aldi are setting a standard for productivity.

Alkemics disrupted the space with a fully digital platform where brands create and share their product catalog. Retailers can explore those catalogs and run business workflows, searches or reportings to select, negotiate and list those products in their assortment. Once a retailer is on-boarded, invites are sent to that retailer’s suppliers to join the platform on a freemium basis, enabling quick network growth.

Alkemics was founded in Paris in 2012. With 98 out of the top 100 CPG manufacturers (Nestlé, Unilever, L’Oréal), the 7 largest retailers in France (E. Leclerc, Carrefour, Casino, Auchan, U-Enseigne, Cora, Metro…) and 4 of the largest UK retailers (Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose, Sainsbury) using the platform, Alkemics now holds a very strong and unchallenged position in the French and UK market. The business is now expanding internationally, starting with DACH and BENELUX. Along with international growth, the focus of the business is to leverage its platform and client relationships to build an end-to-end B2B marketplace with the ultimate vision of ordering directly within the platform.

Alkemics raised a total of $50M from tier-1 investors Index Ventures, Partech Ventures, Serena Capital and Cathay Innovation. Its latest funding round took place in April 2020, bringing in Highland Europe, a leading Growth VC. The business is made of 100 employees and is growing extremely rapidly.



Online marketplaces are now commonplace for C2C and B2C markets. This trend has started in B2B sectors too, driving tremendous value and economies of scale. Today, thanks to a captive user base, Alkemics is in a strong position to “platformize” the notoriously difficult retail space. Brands are keen to have their products discovered in a more efficient and elegant way. Retailers are interested in negotiating products more quickly. Brands also want to better control the product introductions within each store.



Your Team

You will be part of our Data Engineering Team, in charge of providing reliable ways of accessing data for internal users. This includes handling requests in our current data management setup, but also participate in building a data lake and an event driven architecture enabling bigger scale use cases for an increasing number of users.

This involves:
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and patterns in the big data ecosystem
  • Prototyping solutions
  • Implementing use-cases in the most scalable and efficient way possible



At Alkemics every day is different but your mission will include:

  • Building services, solutions and tools impacting our data infrastructure
  • Collaborate with teammates/engineers to design solutions, analyze and solve issues, train them, etc.
  • Collaborate with teammates to improve the scalability, performances and the security of the platform
  • Design solutions in an "Enabler" way (i.e. provide solutions that help data users create their own artifacts instead of trying to cover all needs yourself)

Our application stack uses latest technologies, including Terraform, Kubernetes, Python 3 & Golang, PerconaDB, Couchbase, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ…
Our data stack uses part of Azure big data offer : Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hub, Azure Synapse, and part open source components, like Apache Spark, Apache Parquet.


What we are looking for in you

  • Have experience with datalakes, ideally in a event-driven architecture setup
  • Work fluently with Spark, Hive, Parquet and more generally with the "big data" ecosystem of tools
  • Being knowledgable in Python and/or JVM languages (Java, Scala…) used in a "data engineering" context
  • Good communication skills and the capacity to adapt
  • Strong ownership on topics, we would expect you to drive initiatives
  • Great autonomy to execute tasks
  • Work with cloud environments
  • Have a professional-level English


What you’ll get from us ?

  • A true startup experience in one of the fastest growing startup in Paris: no bureaucracy and daily successes that have a real impact on the business
  • You will participate to the team’s growth and the revolution of the CPG industry
  • A fast-learning curve with growing responsibilities
  • Pushing the limits: use semantic analysis, ontologies, big data and machine learning to solve complex problems in the CPG industry.
  • Working with dynamic, smart and passionate people
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