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Marketing at Featurespace

Featurespace operates in the fraud prevention and AML markets, which are both characterised by specialised industry jargon and acronyms. Meanwhile, fraudsters and money launders are continuously changing and employing increasingly sophisticated strategies.
Featurespace must ensure customers fully understand the challenges they face, before we can convince them that we are the company to help solve them.

Featurespace designs, builds, and sells software for detecting and preventing fraud and financial crime. Our primary customers are financial institutions, such as banks and payment processors. Our software is powered by advanced data science and machine learning techniques, that require an effective method to illustrate how it works and what sets it apart from the competition. To address this, Featurespace relies heavily on graphic visualisations of our technology, our solutions, and the results to educate our customers – and ultimately to drive sales.

In recent years, fraud analytics has proven to be more effective than traditional fraud detection methods. Featurespace needs sophisticated messaging and visualizations to cut through the noise to:

  • Educate customers on the changing nature of financial crime.
  • Educate customers by visualising complex ideas.
  • Differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The Opportunity

We are looking for an exceptional individual to join our vibrant Marketing team as a Graphic Designer to be based in our Cambridge office.

As a Graphic Designer at Featurespace, you’ll be working with existing stakeholders to produce a compelling story that illustrates:

  • Our differentiators: “How are we different?”
  • Our USPs and competitive advantages: “Why are we better?”

Bringing to life complex ideas visually in a way that customers can understand, for example – How does a machine learning model work?, you’ll be the dedicated in-house expert that manages our growing design and graphic needs by:

  • Coordinating the building of collateral in different forms, languages, and styles
  • Providing appropriate marketing support to our partner resellers
  • Acting as a company-wide, shared resource

Day to Day

As part of the Marketing team and in combination with the Product Operations team, the Graphic Designer is responsible for:

  • Create high quality assets including website components, customer emails, paid social adverts, organic social posts.
  • Ensure that all represent Featurepace’s values and personality and answers the design brief.
  • Guard the brand, maintaining visual language.
  • Contribute to creating concepts for campaigns including ideation, playbooks, execution, and review.
  • Ensure a consistent, unified brand experience across mediums and channels including film, social media, and advertising.
  • Forge strong cross-functional relationships in Featurespace for a thorough understanding of asset requirements.
  • Take pride in everything you do, from simple art-working to bespoke creations.

Designing and creating campaign assets and collateral:

  • In various formats: slides; results presentations; brochures; fact sheets; website, etc.
  • For various use cases: sales pitches; customer case studies; customer accolades; etc.
  • Responsible for cataloguing, indexing, and filing work on Sharepoint for easy access across the business.
  • Maintaining version control and updates as the business grows and data points and messages change.
  • Designing various graphics i.e. social media and website, banners, and flyers.

Building animations:

  • In addition to static collateral, build animations to augment or replace the existing animations in PowerPoint.
  • Ensure consistency across all sales collateral, in terms of:
    • Clean and attractive design
    • Clear and consistent messaging
    • Universal branding

Solidifying brand guidelines and enforcing adherence across the organization.

Transition to producing distinct types of presentation depending on its purpose and audience:

  • Differentiate between:
    • Detailed presentations that are intended to be to be read in-depth, either converted to PDF or printed and bound.
    • ‘Traditional’ PowerPoint slides that support a person making a presentation.
      e.g., slides that follow the ’10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint.’
  • Provide training and templates:
    • Aiming to make it possible for other Featurespace employees to produce collateral of the same high standard and consistency.

To be accountable for the delivery of design concepts, production of wireframes and graphical assets.

“User Experience advocate”, ensuring all digital solutions are designed with the user in mind.

About you

Must haves


  • Expert in Powerpoint and Adobe Design Suite (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) able to animate, edit and design to deliver high quality collateral with speed and accuracy.


  • Ability to tell a compelling story with visuals and words.
  • Ability to engage audiences and instill credibility.
  • Ability to work with both commercial and technical teams.
  • Good understanding of latest trends and techniques and their commercial value.


  • Exceptional creativity and innovation.
  • Effective story telling demonstrable using storyboard or mood boards.

Great to haves

  • Video editing/creation skills using Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.
  • Ability to comment on or influence Product User Experience User Interface.

Personal Qualities

The work is often challenging and fast paced. As such we are looking for someone who has the following qualities:

  • Problem solving skills – not shy to ask questions to successfully execute a brief.
  • The flexibility to continuously adapt and learn, embracing new ideas and trends.
  • Able to take on board constructive feedback.


And most importantly, a small-company attitude: willingness to adapt to a variable role, wearing many different hats from day to day.


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