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At Jampp, we’re helping the top-mobile companies accelerate their growth and in the process we aim to build one of the greatest tech companies in the world. 

We're looking for that single-minded someone who’s obsessive about building extraordinary products with a team of exceptional data scientists, engineers, and marketers.

A few examples of your responsibilities:

  • Study the world through the customer’s eyes, with the goal of understanding them and solving their problems—often before they’re even aware such problems exist. Do so through extensive research—customer, market, and competition alike— in a hunt for improvements and opportunities.
  • Help define a roadmap for the products you’ll be responsible for, marrying wild ambition with rationality and pragmatism. Then, plan carefully and execute your short-term experiments and big bets with curiosity and commitment.
  • Ensure we’re in the habit of constantly challenging ourselves to come up with new ideas.
  • Know your products’ numbers inside out. Continually analyze data, test, and iterate accordingly.
  • Foster a fantastic atmosphere within your team, Create an environment that’s caring while also charged with ambition and urgency to excel. Actively involve all functions (design, engineering, revenue, and marketing) and make sure each one is performing at its best.
  • Be a paragon of our values.

What We Offer

  • Huge impact. This position is an excellent opportunity if you thrive going from "zero to one." You’ll run with full responsibility. Your work can seriously impact Jampp and even the mobile app industry at large in the next few years.
  • Top-notch team. You’ll be surrounded by experts and innovators. Your team will be made up of the brightest and nicest folks you’ve ever worked with.
  • International reach. Our language is English. We’re a global company, and your work will have worldwide exposure.
  • Unique career opportunity. By joining a growing company that sets out to become one of the world's greatest within the vast, booming mobile market, you get a special chance to turbocharge your learning and career.
  • Remote working and flexible schedule. This isn’t a “clock in, clock out” company. We care about your productivity, not tracking every minute you’re on site. It’s up to you to always be responsible for your work, no matter where you are or what schedule you’re keeping.

What We Look For

  • Bachelor's Degree in a quantitative field such as Business, Economics, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Math.
  • We don’t hire for experience in this role. We hire for skills and growth potential!
  • An overwhelming ambition to build amazing products. You’re obsessed with building extraordinary products that customers just can't live without.
  • Excellent logical-analytical abilities. You’re a quick learner who can investigate and effectively pick up new concepts on your own. You can solve unforeseen challenges with creativity and structure, and do so independently.
  • Drive. You’re energetic, hard-working, and you persevere through adversity until the job is done, and done well. You’re results-oriented and always aim for excellence in what you do.
  • Diligence, organization. You can be entrusted with big responsibilities, starting with coordinating the complex work of a complex team.
  • Communication. Your communication, both written and oral, is structured and crystal clear (both in Spanish and in English)


  • 📱 Learn a ton about the hottest area of growth in Internet advertising - Mobile!
  • 💰 Competitive salary
  • 👩‍⚕️ High quality medical care
  • 🤰🏻 Extended Maternity/Paternity leaves
  • 🌴 Extended holidays every year
  • 📈  A great level of responsibility from day one and the chance to develop your potential without limitations.
  • 💪 An entrepreneurial environment.
  • 🧑‍💻  A dynamic remote-first work culture with the possibility of accessing coworking spaces as needed. 
  • 🤓  A structured remote onboarding process and continuous training with a supportive team. We win together!
  • Work with a talented global team that you can constantly learn from! We have jamppers from 🇧🇷🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇪🇩🇪🇦🇷🇷🇺... our customers are not the only ones from around the globe 😉
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