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ShopFully is a tech company that has the mission of making local shopping easier. Leveraging on its proprietary marketplaces (“DoveConviene”, “PromoQui”, “VolantinoFacile” in Italy and “ShopFully” in Australia) ShopFully represents for millions of consumers one of the main one-stop-destinations where shopping begins (in Italy, after only Amazon and Ebay!); At the same time, thanks to its AI-driven hyperlocal marketing platform (called "Hi!"), ShopFully is the most reliable tech partner to more than 700 Retailers and Manufacturers globally. "Hi!" is able to seamlessly connect at global level 40M consumers to 320k nearby stores, transforming traditional trade marketing tools into digital.

We are looking for a driving, creative and collaborative Product Marketing Manager who can imagine and shape our B2B marketing strategy, reporting directly to our Business Solutions VP. A few examples of your responsibilities:
• Develop and test Product Marketing strategies (positioning, messaging, launching products), to understand how to help our products flourish to their full, market-leading potential.
• Manage marketing activities already underway to keep our market presence successful, adaptive and capable of enhancing each product’s potential.
Intensely study the market and competition to improve our understanding and identify new strategies for our products.
• Contribute to product development, proposing ways to make the overall customer funnel more successful and suggesting new features that would make the product easier to market.
• Share tests and strategies that take into account continuously changing factors, making sure that we proceed in the most meaningful, impactful direction.

• A previous experience in Strategic Consultancy;
• A proven track record in B2B Product Marketing projects, preferably in a multicountry digital environment.
• Drive and ownership. You’re motivated to make a big impact, and you persevere until you reach great results. You aim for excellence in everything you do.
• Analytical abilities. You can solve unforeseen challenges leveraging on data, taking calculated risks and finding creative solutions.
• Communication. Your communication, both written and oral, is structured and crystal clear, and you're an excellent negotiator with your stakeholders.
• Proficiency in Italian and English. You read, write and speak proficiently both in Italian and in English.

• Experience with the topic of geofencing
• Knowledge of Android MVVM architecture design pattern and Android jetpack ViewModel
• Use of DI tool (Dagger, Koin, Kodein, Hilt)
• Experience with RxJava2 e Kotlin coroutines
• Knowledge of CI/CD system (Travis, CircleCI, Bitrise)
• Experience in using Proxy tools for debugging purposes (Charles, Proxyman)
• Ability to write bash scripts

• Relevant impact. You’ll run our product marketing strategy with full responsibility. Your work can seriously impact our success on the market and be fundamental in shaping the company we would like to be in the next few years.
• Autonomy. No-one will micromanage you. You’ll be responsible for the product marketing strategy, and together with your team you’ll be free to choose a direction, test, fail, and test again.
• Smart working. What matters is the result, and it doesn't matter where you get it.
• Flexible schedule. Our regular hours are 9-6 GMT+1, but this isn’t a “clock in, clock out” company. You’re fully trusted to create the right conditions to reach the team goal.
• Welfare. We care for our team, and we want you to feel at your best and protected: our Welfare plan will support your personal wellbeing and the one of your family.
• Learning time. Your professional development is our priority, and we look for people who never stop learning. You bring us the desire to learn, and we guarantee you the time to do it: 1 hour and a half a week that you can dedicate to your training, using our e-learning platform or any other tool.
LOCATION: Headquarter in Milan

• Annual Gross Salary: € 70.000
• MBO: € 15.000
• Welfare Net Credit: € 1.000
• Personal Healthcare Insurance

If you successfully pass through our screening process, we'll invite you to take on a test that maps your dominant behaviours in the working environment and assesses how you approach and solve unfamiliar problems. These tests don't require any prior knowledge, and they should take a few minutes to complete.
If you're successful there, we'll invite you to some interviews—usually two or three—to get to know each other and figure out if it’s a good fit for both parties. The interviews are held remotely, and include behavioral, technical and problem-solving questions.

We never stop our hiring and onboarding so, until the COVID-19 situation is over, we’ll rely on remote onboarding for all new roles. Apply now