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The Analytics Consultant role is a new and exciting role in our global Delivery team which provides the opportunity to solve the fraud and risk problems presented by some of the world’s largest financial institutions. 

You will work as part of a team to deliver machine learning models, rules-based solutions and algorithms that infer and predict individual customer behaviours in real-time, based on retail, online, and ecommerce transaction data.

As an Analytics Consultant, you will be tasked with guiding customers through the end-to-end delivery of analytical solutions. During scoping and design, you will lead detailed requirements gathering for their machine learning models and rules-based solutions, ensuring that core technical functions are setup well to succeed. You will continue to stay close to the solution throughout the project and beyond where you will act as a point of trusted expertise to the customer.

The successful candidate will have exceptional consulting skills, understand the core concepts in machine learning/analytics, have experience working with large datasets and be knowledgeable on the financial services industry. You will be rewarded by joining a vibrant and talented team in London at an exciting time as the company continues its impressive growth.


Day to Day

  • Support the end-to-end delivery of analytics, facilitating customers and internal teams in preparation for each stage
  • Review and lockdown project scope by understanding analytical requirements, identifying any misalignment with statements of work
  • Drive interactions with customers to understand the problems they want to solve, proposing optimal analytical solutions
  • Educate customers on the ARIC platform and our analytical solutions
  • Work with customers to understand the opportunities and constraints of their existing data in the context of our industry-leading analytical solutions
  • Advise and lead the customer through data readiness checks. Understand common data issues and work with customers to resolve these efficiently
  • Assist internal teams with the development and deployment of statistical models and algorithms for integration with Featurespace products
  • Apply an understanding of the capabilities of the ARIC product and solutions in the analytics space
  • Become an expert in customer data structures and processes; route and translate information to internal development teams as required
  • Produce materials to feedback analytic results to customers (reports, presentations, visualisations)
  • Work with customer QA teams to advise on effective analytical testing and supporting test phases
  • Support customer Data Science and Analytics groups with their model development and deployment in the ARIC platform
  • Prepare for and run project workshops in the analytics and data space
  • Evaluate the analytical results on live systems and work with customers to suggest opportunities for improvement where possible
  • Provide analytic support and consultancy services to our customers
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