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Featurespace is looking for an outstanding Implementation Engineer to join our Speedy Product Delivery (SPD) team in our Cambridge office.

In your role as Implementation Engineer you will help us achieve our goals and deliver success on behalf of our customers by working with both Product Management and various delivery teams to understand the key ways in which ARIC provides value to customers, and designing processes and systems to allow delivery teams to implement configurations of ARIC as simply as possible.


Day to Day

  • Building out configurations which describe ARIC solutions
  • Making decisions about the range of advanced configurations and the ways in which they can be packaged up to solve common customer problems
  • Working within SPD and with the Engineering team to build out comprehensive testing systems to ensure that every install works as expected
  • Designing and writing test cases to ensure the quality of code delivered to customers
  • Thinking about different ways in which we can make the customer’s experience of an ARIC delivery as simple and straightforward as possible
  • Working with the Rapid Deployment team to make sure that the configuration and the tooling work together with as little maintenance as possible
  • Working with the embedded Content Engineering team to make sure that all internal and external documentation is both complete and easy to read and understand
  • Thinking and prioritizing work based both on maximizing current value, but also in terms of future strategic initiatives occurring within the business
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