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At Featurespace Release Engineering is, amongst other things, responsible for the long-running Engineering programmes. This includes the Security Vulnerability Programme and the Dependency Upgrade Programme.

As a Release Engineering Programme Engineer you will be comfortable working in a matrix organisation; r


eporting to the Head of Release Engineering but working closely with the Engineering and the Cyber Security teams with a focus on resolving security issues and upgrading dependencies. In your role as Release Engineering Programme Engineer you will focus on:

Security Vulnerability Programme

You will use automated tooling and manual investigation to identify potential security vulnerabilities in our software artefacts.   teams to assist in the elimination of those potential security vulnerabilities.

Dependency Upgrade Programme

You will be responsible for identifying and managing out of date and vulnerable library dependencies used by our products. You will work in collaboration with the relevant Engineering teams to assist in efforts to keep our third-party libraries up to date and free of vulnerabilities.


Day to Day

As a company we hire people with a willingness to adapt to a varied role, so along with the key responsibilities below, we ask for ownership of any other duties as required.

As member of Release Engineering, you will be expected to work with your team members to support the team with the following responsibilities.

  • Identify and record potential Security Vulnerabilities using tooling and manual investigation.
  • Assist in the recording of potential Security Vulnerabilities from external sources such as customer reports or penetration tests.
  • Rank, prioritise and report across the full known set of potential Security Vulnerabilities.
  • Verify and resolve potential Security Vulnerabilities.

Assist in the upgrading of third-party libraries and dependencies.

About you

Must haves:

  • Highly organised and detail oriented.
  • Ability to manage and prioritise your own workload.
  • Comfortable working in a matrix organisation.
  • Knowledge of modern IDEs, source control and continuous integration systems.
  • A working knowledge of the Java programming language.
  • An understanding of source control tools such as git, TFS or Perforce.
  • Experienced using command-line tools.

Great to haves:

  • Comfortable working with large codebases.
  • Experience of associated Maven build tooling.
  • Experience of security and dependency management tools.
  • Experience of continuous integration tools such as TeamCity, TFS or Jenkins.

Personal Qualities

The work is often challenging and fast paced. We are looking for someone who has the following qualities:

  • The ability to focus on solutions when faced with problems
  • Quick to learn and grasp new concepts
  • Attention to detail
  • A passion to work for one of the fastest growing fraud prevention technologies in the world


And most importantly, a small-company attitude: willingness to adapt to a variable role and a great can-do attitude.


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