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As an Intelligence Desk Team Lead at ActiveFence, you’ll manage and inspire a team of motivated senior analysts with diverse backgrounds and skill sets in order to solve the problems that our clients’ haven’t even seen yet. You’ll stop threat-actors in their tracks by uncovering their means and methods in abusing the world’s most popular internet platforms in order to cause harm to others. 

You look at every new challenge as a puzzle waiting to be solved. In your mind, there is no question that can’t be answered with the right resources and determination. You’re a WEBINT guru (or at least think you are) but aren’t afraid of new perspectives and out-side-the-box thinking.  

Your key responsibilities: 

  • Establish and manage intelligence gathering and analysis workflows 
  • Work with project managers to provide top-quality deliverables to diverse clients
  • Develop and maintain highly-organized intelligence gathering workflows 
  • Support your team with WEBINT techniques, tools, and other resources 
  • Conduct critical reviews of intelligence findings and guide analysts with constructive feedback 
  • Promote and monitor the professional development of each member of your team. 


  • At least four years’ experience in a WEBINT/OSINT/CTI role, 
  • At least two years experience as a team leader or other leadership position, including with remote teams
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities, including personal communication, planning, and organizational skills
  • Deep knowledge of WEBINT and OSINT tools and techniques and demonstrated experience in gathering and analyzing internet information from social media, deep and darkweb sources. 
  • Operational knowledge of diverse platforms and technologies including cloud platforms, blockchain/crypto, marketplaces, messaging apps, online gaming, video/audio platforms, etc. 
  • The ability to ‘think like a bad guy’ and analyze new abuse techniques from the standpoint of a bad actor/hacker 
  • Technical skills including python/scripting, SQL, etc are a very strong advantage 
  • Customer-oriented work-ethic 
  • Excellent Excel/Google sheets skills.
  • Capable of dealing with harsh content at times.
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