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Hi, we’re Nexthink. We’re not just the leader in the digital employee experience category, we invented the category. Our solutions combine real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints to help IT teams delight people at work. Our cloud-native platform pinpoints issues and solutions, automates response, and helps companies continuously improve their employees’ experience, making them more productive, efficient, and happy at work. We have millions of endpoints deployed, we’ve surpassed $100M in ARR, and we’ve recently secured $180M in Series D financing for a company valuation of $1.1B, but we’re just getting started. 

Job Description

Nexthink ACT combines powerful custom data retrieval and remediation capabilities, enabling our customers to proactively solve employee issues in a simple, reliable, and automated manner. 

Inside the Nexthink Engineering department, the team you will be leading is essential to Nexthink ACT – it is called the Endpoint Remote Actions team. Our engineers work to: 

  • understand the needs of our customers in terms of end-point incident and problem management, as well as data retrieval to better support their end-users 
  • work on the development of remote actions: efficient and robust automation scripts that achieve the above needs 
  • ensure the remote actions will run predictably on the systems of the millions of employees our customers have, running both Windows and macOS 
  • ensure everything fits well into the overall context of the Nexthink platform 

As a Software Engineer in Test in the Endpoint Remote Actions team, you will: 

  • Participate in the definition of each feature, making sure we always start with a clear set of acceptance criteria that leads to a concise test plan 
  • Work on building the foundation of the test automation framework for this purpose, and in line with the existing design of the other Endpoint teams 
  • Create tests on top of the test automation framework to validate the above assumptions  
  • Own and develop the pipelines that currently help us have a solid CI / CD system 
  • Decisively pitch in to improve the strategy for test automation, performance, and regression testing 
  • Go through all the steps to ensure we ship a quality product for our clients
  • Run investigations for the issues that show up (from internal testing or from customer support) to help smooth down the path to fixing them 

Our QA engineers are excited to take on broad and non-conventional approaches, challenging the status-quo. They constantly come up with ideas that they prototype, put in production and supervise their impact. All of this with the very high standards of quality, performance and security that are part of our DNA. 



You are an ideal candidate for the job if you: 

  • have at least 5 years of experience in QA and test automation 
  • have a very good understanding of OS internals, preferably for both Windows and macOS 
  • have a very good ability to adapt to both the above OS and development environments - we are one team, and we develop cross-platform 
  • are familiar with the tools of the trade: Ansible, Terraform, Robot Framework, PyTest, and with putting them all together in Jenkins pipelines 
  • you feel very comfortable with Python - we use this extensively in our test automation framework 
  • are passionate about continuous integration and delivery 
  • can develop and adapt a complex architecture to fit all the team’s purposes - using the tools available and, of course, your very strong attention to details 
  • communicate clearly and concisely in English 

Sounds challenging? Join the team! 

Additional Information

We are 800+ employees strong in 21 countries across 8 different time zones speaking 60+ languages. We are positive, we get things done, we keep growing, and we are one team, we are Nexthink. We believe actions are stronger than words when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace. Nexthinkers are multinational and multilingual, and come from all walks of life. We are committed to hiring a genuinely representative workforce that can create solutions and foster innovation for the modern digital employee experience.

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