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The Knowledge management crew is a small fast growing transversal team that serves all Jellysmack tribes by identifying, creating, curating and disseminating business-critical Knowledge. We partner with stakeholders across all boards to make sure our best expertise is curated and available at the right moment for right people. We aim to create conditions so that Knowledge can flow seamlessly within organization, for enhanced productivity, quality, engagement and innovation.

We are looking to fill a full-time position of Knowledge coordinator to support transversal Knowledge projects. The initial scope will be focused (but probably not limited to) on identifying, documenting and curating business-critical Own & Operated content expertise.

In this role, you will closely work with O&O senior experts to help them make resurface & document tacit expertise; leverage raw information to create actionnable, ready-to-use, data- and product-friendly insights; promote this expertise within Jellysmack by identifying channels to proactively deliver right information to right internal customers; raise awareness etc. Beyond this immediate priority, you might also support other transversal KM-related activities, as the scope evolves.


We are looking for a KM professional with at least 3 years of experience in a Knowledge management / similar position and familiar with key KM methodologies & tools.

You are well-organized, autonomous self-starter, able to navigate fast-growing agile environments and autonomously pilot initiatives within defined scope. You have a proven:

- Project management experience;

- Track record in structuring and extracting actionnable insights from unstructured information;

- Strong writing & presentation skills;

- Strong passion for content and structure;

- Ability to prioritize and guide stakeholders towards common business goal;

The ideal candidate will have a flexible mindset, ability to drive the KM agenda forward autonomously, and ability to work under deadlines.

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