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The Platform Services team exists in order to help Wolt Product teams succeed. We embrace a customer-first mindset for creating tools, services, and sharing knowledge, in the domains of authentication and authorization and event-driven architecture. 

In this team, you get to operate at the center of the action, work with a super talented diverse group of people and use the latest technologies to resolve platform-wide problems in the pursuit of high-quality services that are secure, and scalable.

As a Software Engineer in Wolt, you will be responsible for developing the Wolt Authentication component we’ve built from scratch, ensuring its security, reliability, and scalability, as the number of users grows rapidly. It’s a central role in the organization, so you’ll work with multiple teams to secure our consumer applications, internal tools, as well as communication within our systems.

In this role, you will be developing systems and libraries that are used across the platform, and you can have a big impact on the future development of these solutions.

Our humble expectations

👉 You are proficient in modern Python and have at least 4 years of experience using it for web development. Flask, Django or FastAPI are your bread and butter. Experience with Go, Java, and related languages is seen as beneficial, and we also value previous front-end development exposure.

👉 You know what it takes to develop top-quality software and achieve ambitious goals together. We expect you to be a good communicator, willing to collaborate with people outside of your own team, be a product-oriented and proactive problem solver willing to bring up issues in a constructive manner to the team and the Wolt Product team at large.

👉Understanding of security concerns in web applications such as SSO, Oauth, OpenID Connect, IAM, JWT, HTTP, and REST will be a plus.

Next steps

If the advertised role looks like an exciting challenge - the right time to apply is now! 😊
We cannot wait to get to know more about you and explore how you can apply your talents in the ownership environment at Wolt. 

The compensation that is a combination of monthly pay and Wolt stock options. The latter makes it exceptionally easy to be excited about our company growing and doing well, as you'll own a piece of the pie. 

You can work from the office (in Helsinki or Berlin), remotely or in a hybrid mode, but please note that you need to be based in Finland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia or Sweden. You can read more about our remote setup here.

About Wolt

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to your home or office. Wolt is not just a delivery app – we’re a technology company building a global logistics platform to seamlessly connect our millions of customers with thousands of merchant and courier partners, in real-time across 23 countries and 250+ cities. Our apps (iOS and Android) have the industry’s highest ratings, largely thanks to our customer-first mindset, which shows in how we build products and run operations. In November 2021 Wolt and DoorDash announced we’re joining forces, and the transaction is expected to close in H1 2022.

Working in Product Development at Wolt
At Wolt, we’re about getting things done. You’ll probably enjoy it here if you like taking ownership, developing yourself, and being around friendly, humble, and ambitious people. 

The behind-the-scenes of Wolt is run by an awesome bunch of over 400+ planners, builders, designers, and data crunchers. We call ourselves Product+, as we’re the very core of Wolt’s products, tools, and platforms. To build our products, we work in around 40 cross-functional, independent and autonomous teams made up of a mix of talented individuals. Each team takes ownership of solving customer problems in the best possible way.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
We want to have all sorts of people in our team – people like you and me, and people different from you and me. To be able to work with diverse teammates – when it comes to gender, age, ethnicity, life background, sexual orientation, political views, religion, or any other personal trait – we consciously aim to offer equal opportunity for everyone to work with us. This is because we believe diverse teams make the most thought-through decisions and build things in the most inclusive way.

Join us today to build Wolt together!

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