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At Featurespace, we strive to be the world’s best software company at protecting our clients and their customers from fraud attacks. We do that with personality, heart and professionalism, cultivating an innovative, fun and positive team atmosphere where everybody can contribute to solving our clients’ problems in new, innovative ways. We are always seeking to be the best at what we do and make our customers smile. 

In your role as Product Manager you will help us achieve our goals and deliver success on behalf of our customers by:

  • Supporting our customers, the delivery teams in Featurespace, and our delivery partners to understand our Event API and associated schema definitions and event flows
  • Facilitating the discovery process for Event API Schema additions and updates, and event flows, amongst the Featurespace teams that touch this aspect of core deliveries
  • Leading a cross-functional collaborative team across Product, Analytics and Implementation to improve and fully document the API schema definition process and experience, for both internal and partner-led implementations and upgrades
  • Working with the Product Alliances Manager to discover, document and implement integrations with key third-party vendors
  • Ensuring that the Core Delivery team is kept up-to-date with proposed changes to the event flow and API schema
  • Collaborating with the Core Delivery Content Manager to deliver best in class Event API and Event Flow documentation, in conjunction with the individual Solution Product Managers

This role is based out of either of our Cambridge or London office.


Day to Day


As a company we hire people with a willingness to adapt to a variable role, so along with the key responsibilities below, we ask for ownership of any other duties as required.

  • Own and manage the customer facing Event API Schema documentation
  • Work alongside the individual Solution Product Managers to ensure each solution’s Event Flows are well described and documented
  • Facilitate regular review sessions with the wider Featurespace team
  • Work closely with the Solution Product Managers and the Platform Product Manager to discover required changes for the Event API as part of the Product Roadmap
  • Collaborate with the Analytics teams, both internally and with our partners, to establish the usage of the Event API and the key event attributes that are important to support the event flows
  • Work alongside the Product Alliances Manager to specify, document and implement key third-party integrations
  • Inform both the Reporting Product Manager and the wider delivery community on changes to the Event API schema and flows that could affect or enhance ARIC™’s reporting capabilities
  • Act as the ‘go to’ person for information on event flows and processes for all the ARIC™ Risk Hub solutions
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