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Who We Are

At Domino Data Lab, we have an ambitious vision for data science. Our platform helps data science teams accelerate research, increase collaboration, and rapidly deploy predictive models.  Our customers are the most sophisticated analytical organizations in the world, including companies like Bristol Myers Squibb, Allstate, Bayer, and Red Hat. Backed by Sequoia Capital, Coatue Management, Bloomberg Beta, and Zetta Venture Partners, we are at the epicenter of the data science revolution, helping companies develop the next breakthrough in medicine, build better cars, or recommend the best song play next.

What we are building

The Data Product team at Domino is responsible for developing the integrations with services, systems and sources that data scientists rely on for their model development and analytics work. Our mission is to make access to data seamless and comprehensive such that data scientists can incorporate data into their workflows without worrying about how. We take satisfaction in making sure that data scientists can derive insights and produce predictions knowing that they have the full availability of data without worrying about engineering complexity.

What your impact will be

  • You will get to design, implement and define a scalable, reliable and maintainable data access platform that will make data scientists more productive and data science more effective
  • You will get to experience the impact of your work by observing the growing Domino install base in a variety of companies in different industries with a wide spectrum of product requirements 

What We Look For in This Role

  • Minimum of 3 years experience in a software engineering role
  • As a backend engineer, you will mostly work on our services and APIs that power our data science workflows but also interact with the frontend engineers for building superb user experience. 
  • Craft durable, well-tested code with an unwavering commitment to product quality.
  • Experience working in Scala or Java
  • Familiarity with a frontend framework such as React or Angular
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes and/or AWS (or other cloud technologies)

What We Value

  • We value a growth mindset. High-performing creative individuals who dig into problems and see the opportunities for success
  • We believe in individuals who seek truth and speak the truth and can be their whole selves at work. 
  • We value all of you that believe improving is always possible At Domino Everything is a work in progress – we can do better at everything. 
  • We emphasize an environment of teaching and learning to equip employees with the tools needed to be successful in their function and the company.
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