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Snapshift’s mission is a big: simplifying HR for small and medium-sized businesses across Europe - less admin, more human.
Snapshift already helps 6,000+ independent businesses, franchises and groups in the hospitality, retail, healthcare sectors and beyond. In a nutshell: any businesses with frontline workers and employee shifts to schedule can use Snapshift.
From onboarding, to scheduling, to simplifying the monitoring of vacation and sick days, all the way through to one-click payroll prep… Snapshift helps SMBs to free themselves from administrative tasks and focus on what’s important: its customers and team.
Snapshift is growing quickly, tripling its revenue year over year and doubling the size of its team. 6,000+ customers and 100,000 employees use the app on a daily basis all over France… and soon in the rest of Europe thanks to its 40 million Series A in early 2022.
Job Description
In a context of hyper-growth, we’ve got ambitious objectives, especially in our Tech & Product Team. In order to set ourselves for success, we’re about to more than double the team within the next 12 to 18 months. In short, we want to build an amazing Tech team where people can thrive and jump on opportunities.
At Snapshift, engineers work in cross-functional teams, and are trusted to have complete ownership of their product domain, to build, run, and maintain their services.
We’ve got so many challenges ahead of us: building a solid and flexible architecture using decoupled and distributed systems and micro-services based on functional domains, growing the team and contributing to the engineering culture.
We’re looking for passionate individuals with ambition who can take our squads to the next level in terms of processes, skillset and impact.
We write most of our code in Ruby and Typescript (but other languages are welcome), we use React on the frontend, React Native on mobile, and we deploy our code on a Kubernetes cluster hosted on GCP.
Your Mission
As part of the Tooling and Infrastructure squad you will have ownership over our deployment platform (hosted on Google Kubernetes Engine) as well as our developer experience tooling.
- Build and maintain a high quality developer experience, deployment tooling, and environments for both production and testing, using Infrastructure as Code practices.
- Promote a data-driven approach to engineering, build instrumentation tooling (eg. metrics, logs, traces, alerts…) so that teams have access to the right data to take good decisions.
- Monitor the application performance to keep it running smoothly
- Grow your skills, as well as your teammates’, learn continuously through code reviews, pair programming, postmortems, tech talks (both -internal and external), books reviews…
- Take part in improving our stack, processes, tools and tech standards, through technical design reviews for example
Preferred Experience
You should apply if :
- You’re curious and love to understand complex systems and learn new skills
- You take pride in building well-crafted and scalable systems in a cloud environment
- You don’t know how to live without enough dashboards
- 3+ years of experience as a Devops engineer or SRE
- You have good knowledge of Kubernetes
- You have experience with backend development, scripting languages and IaC tools and practices
- You’re not afraid of help fix incidents, but you prefer to prevent them from happening in the first place, with good post-mortem practices for example !
- You like working as a team, collaborating closely with other engineers to build the best development environment with them 👨‍💻
- You like cooking cream puffs with you colleagues at the office 🧁
- You want to help improve the daily life of tens of thousands of frontline workers
Recruitment Process
Step 1 : HR screening (30')
Step 2 : Tech interview (60')
Step 3: Interview with Raphaël (CTO) / Head 
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