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hx is taking the traditional insurance industry by storm with our SaaS platform Renew, which insurers use to build complex mathematical models to make better pricing decisions faster - decisions like “how much should I charge Adele to insure her worldwide concert tour?” or “how much should I charge California to insure all of its public buildings against a massive earthquake?”.

Renew is self-serve, allowing insurers to rapidly develop and iterate models in Python and React with all of the benefits of a modern software development environment, but without any of the overhead historically required to support one. This has allowed them to reduce the typical 'time-to-model' from months to weeks, and sometimes even days!

This winning formula means we've become a market leader in just five years, with customers ranging from the largest (Aviva, 'Top 5' US Insurer) to the newest and most advanced (Convex, Inigo) - proving the power and flexibility of Renew.

After an epic 2022 (we doubled the team!) we're looking to add 20-30 new customers this year and continue on our trajectory to hit a $1bn valuation and become an Insurtech Unicorn.

Want to help us write the next chapter of our epic tale? You'll be joining a team filled with the smartest and kindest operators in the industry, all proudly aligned to a mantra of working 'smart and hard' (meaning challenging problems, not long hours). You'll grow as we grow, giving yourself a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a successful scaleup as it accelerates into the future. Lastly: you'll have fun doing it - guaranteed.

It's always the best time to join hx, but if there were a best best time - it's now.

Field Engineering at hx

Our Field Engineering team provides a world-class technical capability to our Revenue function, with a mission to supercharge its three core pillars of Sales, Marketing, and Customer.

Our primary objective is to help our customers realise the full value and benefit of Renew by helping them deeply and seamlessly integrate it into their ecosystem.

This journey begins during the sales process, continues through onboarding as a customer, and beyond into consultancy/professional services once they're live.

Away from the client/prospect/customer journey we develop and maintain a growing suite of system integration libraries and components that act as the 'lines' we draw when we 'connect the dots' with our clients.

Your mission

As a Solutions Architect you'll be front-and-centre in the execution of the team's mission.

You'll be a trusted advisor to our customers - but you know that trust has to be earned. To do so you'll use your excellent interpersonal skills and technical credibility to establish a rapport with your counterparts during the Sales process, catalysing a long-term relationship that'll underpin the success of our future partnership.

You'll become the experts' expert, knowing Renew top-to-bottom, inside-out - both breadth and depth. You'll know its limits and which ones can be safely pushed. You'll know every trick in the book, the secret combos, and the cheat codes. You'll combine all of this with a knowledge of insurance technology to present 'the art of the possible' (and sometimes seemingly impossible!) to our customers.

You'll be customer-centric but business-savvy. You'll understand the importance of optimising our Customer Acquisition Cost, and will use your 'bench' time to drive efficiencies across Revenue by developing and maintaining reusable assets (use-cases, handbooks, playbooks, presentations, videos, one-pagers, whitepapers, etc) that absorb the majority of demand upstream without additional effort, allowing you and the team to focus on high-value, unique, exciting work.

Key responsibilities


  • Run effective and efficient workshops to understand client needs, mapping them to our onboarding and integration playbooks
  • Build relationships with clients to drive low-friction Sales and Onboarding processes
  • Support RFP, RFI, due diligence and Q+A requests
  • Develop and present proofs-of-concept to demonstrate the integration capabilities of Renew


  • Support customer onboarding, helping to deliver their previously-agreed integration plans
  • Deepen relationships with customers, becoming their 'trusted advisor' on all things Renew
  • Provide consultancy/professional services, solving unique challenges for our customers (and sometimes our colleagues!)

Field Engineering

  • Develop and maintain system integration libraries and components
  • Act as 'Customer Zero', working with our Product Engineering team to drive new features and improvements

Marketing, Learning, Sales Enablement

  • Develop and maintain reusable assets (use-cases, handbooks, playbooks, presentations, videos, one-pagers, whitepapers, etc) that absorb the majority of demand 'upstream'
  • Promote hx (and your work!) in the industry and community by blogging, and speaking at meetups and conferences

Initial Deliverables

  • Attend the 'Revenue University' and become 'Revenue Certified' within one month
  • Shadow a client workshop within one month
  • Become 'Field Engineering certified' within two months
  • Lead a client workshop within three months
  • Start developing a system integration library/component within three months
  • Propose improvements to our ways of working and/or assets within three months


If you're the right fit for this role, you will be able to show clear evidence that you are:


You have confidence in your skills, abilities, experience and training. This confidence is apparent in all of your work, allowing our clients to see you as a 'trusted advisor' - a designation that you respect and commit to strengthening.


You're smart. You're skilled and experienced across multiple technical competencies and levels, allowing you to operate (and translate) from high-level architecture down to low-level implementation with ease. You're a curious fast-learner who applies initiative to produce effective and efficient solutions for our clients.


You're kind. You appreciate that first impressions count and that you're one of the earliest hxers our clients meet in their hx journey, so you consistently demonstrate a professional, thoughtful, and considerate approach when dealing with them.


You get stuff done. You understand that you're a senior employee of an efficient business, and it's your responsibility to maintain or improve that efficiency through your work. You demonstrate this by being pragmatic in your approach, focussing on ROI, and by constantly looking for opportunities to standardise and document repeatable processes, allowing you and the team to focus on high-value, unique, exciting work.

Experience and skills

hx is far less interested in counting years over evidence of delivery, and our requirements reflect this.

To be successful in this role, you'll need to have:

  • Experience working as a Solutions Architect (or equivalent: Sales Engineer, Solutions Engineer, Field Engineer, etc) with a demonstrable track record of working with clients to deliver effective and efficient solutions
  • Sound technical knowledge, ideally across multiple technical competencies and levels (e.g APIs, networking, databases, security, compliance, observability, architecture)
  • Excellent communication skills (written, graphical, remote, in-person, presentation, one:one, one:many) with the ability to engage, influence, and inspire stakeholders and colleagues to drive collaboration and alignment
  • Strong software development skills and experience (ideally Python, and/or Rust, Go, Kotlin, Java, etc)
  • Understanding of networking concepts (TCP/IP, HTTP, routing, firewalls, TLS, VPNs)
  • Understanding and experience of Authentication and Authorisation patterns (SAML, SCIM, OAuth, JWT, etc) and providers (e.g Okta, Auth0, AzureAD, etc)
  • Good understanding and experience of interfaces and integration patterns (APIs, message queues, webhooks, SQL, etc)

Bonus points:

  • Experience working with insurance technology
  • Experience working within a high-growth enterprise B2B SaaS scaleup
  • Experience producing requirements for internal product development teams

Interview process

  • Initial phone call to see if we fit
  • Intro interview our Field CTO
  • Case study/roleplay/panel + Meet the team
  • 1:1 with Field CTO
  • 1:1 with CRO
  • We offer!
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