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Hi, we’re Nexthink. We’re not just the leader in the digital employee experience category, we invented the category. Our solutions combine real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints to help IT teams delight people at work. Our cloud-native platform pinpoints issues and solutions, automates response, and helps companies continuously improve their employees’ experience, making them more productive, efficient, and happy at work. We have millions of endpoints deployed, we’ve surpassed $100M in ARR, and we’ve recently secured $180M in Series D financing for a company valuation of $1.1B, but we’re just getting started. 

Job Description

We are looking for a skilled Senior Software Engineer (Back End) with a strong desire to learn and innovate – you help challenge the status quo, and you are very eager to develop new skills to help Nexthink stay on the leading edge of digital employee experience. The candidate should be heavily motivated by both the product and technology stack. This is a unique opportunity to design and build distributed systems at scale.

Nexthink’s mission is to delight people at work, and your contributions will impact the work-life of millions of workers. As a Software Engineer at Nexthink, we expect you to ensure that the delivered software is of the highest quality, fulfilling both functional and non-functional requirements. You will participate in all stages of software development and collaborate with different teams.

You are highly motivated, result-driven, and detail-oriented. You have a high sense of product ownership, constantly learning and enhancing your computer science skills and understanding. You are familiar with the concepts and patterns described in the Reactive Manifesto, and terms such as CAP theorem, data models, data catalogs, parser generators, domain-specific languages, model to model transformations sound familiar and interesting to you. You are pragmatic, open to feedback, accountable, and a team player. We look forward to meeting you!

Nexthink is looking to make its data more accessible to the end-users. Nexthink has developed the Nexthink Query Language, a domain-specific query language and transpiler, to query its vast data warehouse of end-point events and provide actionable insights. NQL uses the Nexthink domain model to query the Clickhouse database. The language is used in a Monaco-driven online editor and is used to power the many dashboards and widgets in the Nexthink product.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Tech Lead/Senior Software Engineer with an interest or experience in language engineering or in domain-specific languages.

You will work on implementing new higher-level concepts in the language and improving the performance of the generated code. You will be involved in the design and analysis of language features, and ensure the correctness of the implementation. At the same time, you will develop and improve language engineering tools to support other feature teams and integrate with the Monaco-based online editor. You will consult with product managers on designing and implementing language features. 

Job Duties

  • Design, implement, deliver and validate features for the Nexthink Query Language
  • Leading contributor to the overall product’s architecture and design (including storage strategies)
  • Help improve the team development best practices
  • Support and mentor other team members
  • Handle L3 support requests (together with the rest of the team)
  • Participate actively in the technology roadmap
  • Drives innovation in their own team and the whole Product Group, proposes and contributes to valuable improvements
  • Work with the agile iterative/incremental mindset and best practices and participate actively in the different ceremonials


  • Strong Java development experience (experience in a functional programming language such as Scala or OCaml is a plus)
  • BSc in Computer Science (or equivalent), MSc preferred
  • Outstanding OO & Functional programming skills & distributed computing know-how
  • Strong refactoring and test automation abilities
  • Ability to work with Docker, Kafka, ClickHouse, Micronaut, AWS, and New Relic is highly valuable
  • Expertise with internal or external DSL's, meta-programming, model-to-model transformations in any system
  • Experience with or training in compiler implementation
  • Confident with various query languages
  • Familiarity with Git, Gradle, Jenkins, and Sonar
  • Strong motivation for complex challenges and learning new technologies
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Mindset for continuous improvement, lean thinking, and high-quality work
  • Experience as a Speaker at technical conferences is a plus
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written)

Valued optional experience

  • Experience with data-intensive applications
  •  Experience with business intelligence systems or data warehousing

Additional Information

We are 900+ employees strong in 21 countries across 8 different time zones speaking 60+ languages. We are positive, we get things done, we keep growing, and we are one team, we are Nexthink. We believe actions are stronger than words when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace. Nexthinkers are multinational and multilingual, and come from all walks of life. We are committed to hiring a genuinely representative workforce that can create solutions and foster innovation for the modern digital employee experience.

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