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Outfittery makes it easier for men to shop for clothes on the Internet. Customers answer just a few questions about clothing style and sizes on www.outfittery.de. Thereafter, Outfittery’s style experts contact customers personally and put together customised outfits, which are conveniently sent to the customer’s home. Whatever the customer likes, he keeps, sending back everything else.

Outfittery offers this innovative service at no charge. The company has 100 employees and is headquartered in Berlin. Fifty female style experts are dedicated to taking care of the customer's fashion desires. Currently, more than 150 top-quality fashion brands are on offer. Outfittery has been in business since April 2012 and currently operates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We (Julia Bösch and Anna Alex Co-Founders) are very proud to have gained another very renowned investor in Highland, supporting our vision and making it possible for us to continue to rapidly expand our market position. Our goal is to become the go-to online portal for men’s fashion in Europe.
— Julia Bösch, CEO and co-founders of Outfittery

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