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CONTACT INFO is an agile Facebook and Instagram marketing partner for bold brands who look to automate their online advertising.’s technology and know-how are built to serve as an extension of an advertiser’s team. help brands drive higher performance through automation, creative, and optimization.

Founded in 2013 in Helsinki, Finland.’s founders observed that Facebook advertising was growing fast but many advertisers struggled in adopting the platform, creating and managing their ads, and started to build a SaaS tool to automate the manual work they had. The vision grew from there - wants to automate acquiring and growing customers online. 

In 2017, they reached one billion dollars in annualised ad spend working with over 500 advertisers in verticals ranging from ecommerce to travel, and retail to gaming. 

The team is global, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Dubai, Sydney, Berlin and Helsinki. 

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In four short years, we’ve assembled a team of extremely fast learning and hardworking people who helped us achieve extremely high growth and profitability. We have gained a partner in Highland Europe that will help us take our business to the next level through their network, by helping us build out a global leadership team and with access to a large fund if we ever need capital for acquisitions or more aggressive expansion. It gives us what we need to keep focusing on building a great company
— Kristo Ovaska, CEO and Co-Founder of

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