Tony Zappalà


Office: Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 817 72 02


Tony Zappalà is a partner of Highland Europe. 

He currently represents Highland Europe on the boards of ContentSquare, Oro, ShopFully, Threads Styling, WeTransfer, Jellysmack and Zwift. He is excited by working with passionate entrepreneurs that are making technology accessible to new markets and new users via great design and careful focus.

Prior to joining Highland, Tony worked with Index Ventures for over 7 years, where he was part of the team which raised and invested the firm’s first dedicated Growth fund in 2007 and second fund in 2011.

Tony previously worked with STMicroelectronics in Corporate Development and M&A and with LEK Consulting in London and Boston.

Tony is a British and Italian national, and holds an M.Eng in Electrical and Information Sciences from Cambridge and an MBA from INSEAD. In his spare time he likes to think he would be out training for a triathlon but in reality is more likely to be playing with his kids or escaping to a restaurant with his wife.