Congratulations Steve 👏 Our SME Steve Goddard has been elected to the Merchant Risk Council European Advisory Board and today is his first official day! Learn more about being part of the Featurespace team: https://t.co/xMoE6aha5U #MCR #FinTech https://t.co/4VJNUlLSYi
@Featurespaceltd Fri 1st July
We’re lucky enough to be facing complex engineering challenges on a daily basis. It keeps the job exciting and ensures we’re up to date with the latest technologies. Reka Gay explains the tools we use to overcome these challenges: https://t.co/co8KO9YPVK https://t.co/ulQzzJOkCB
@Featurespaceltd Thu 30th June
Data has the power to change the world. Hear from the scientists who have created the world’s best financial crime prevention technology, making the world a safer place to transact. Get their personal insights on critical topics: https://t.co/p2bMxfGcsp #FSMLX #FRAML #Fintech https://t.co/aMuC5yPYf7
@Featurespaceltd Tue 28th June
"I realized that I wanted to help build technology for the good of others. That’s what I’ve spent the last 15 years doing." David Excell Our latest article details the moral imperative behind the conception of Featurespace, from the founder himself: https://t.co/wvLPB3stdm https://t.co/VGsXD1LXpd
@Featurespaceltd Mon 27th June