Over £2.3bn was lost to fraud in the UK alone in 2020 - an eye-watering figure. Our latest hero story shares @Contis' journey to outsmarting sophisticated financial criminal activity via ARIC™ Risk Hub. Discover the game-changing results here: https://t.co/zhv47y8ZG6 https://t.co/x0fcNbafq2
@Featurespaceltd Tue 25th January
Why is model explainability critical for FI's? Featurespace product manager, Richard Graham, told @pymnts, "A well-designed model will show the user all the data it used to arrive at a conclusion." https://t.co/I71ZNQd6WI #fincrime #aml #fraud #machinelearning #explainability
@Featurespaceltd Mon 24th January
A través de una alianza, Supervielle contará con la tecnología de prevención de fraude de Featurespace para apoyar la transformación digital. Featurespace to provide Supervielle fraud prevention technology to aid digital transformation. https://t.co/mQ7bfcg8QP #FraudPrevention
@Featurespaceltd Fri 21st January
New report shows how the stability of TSYS Foresight Score, powered by Featurespace, prevented widespread fraud and protected issuers and their customers during global volatility. Download: https://t.co/5XtkdBJWXq #Fraud #MachineLearning #financialcrime #payments https://t.co/jreiuSI7q0
@Featurespaceltd Wed 19th January