We've all fallen victim at some point to the "have you tried turning it off and back on again?" question from IT. On this episode of #RealityBytes the team discusses promoting behavior change and the co-dependence of hardware and software. Listen here:
@nexthinknews Wed 22nd March
The Nexthink and Qualtrics partnership combines qualitative and quantitative data to give IT complete visibility to end user experience and see, diagnose, and fix problems faster. Learn more:
@nexthinknews Mon 20th March
With economic pressures mounting, leaders can look to their #digitalworkplace teams to reduce operational costs from delaying hardware refreshes to reducing costs spent on service desk providers paid by ticket. Learn more in this article by Yassine Zaied.
@nexthinknews Fri 17th March
Learn how this US hospital saved $1.7M in support time and a returned countless hours to doctors and nurses by integrating Nexthink with their ServiceNow instance. #healthcareIT #EUC #DEX
@nexthinknews Thu 16th March