To all the #Nexthinker mothers, soon-to-be and hopeful moms, caretakers, guardians, and motherly figures out there – we know this year has been challenging in so many ways, but we’re so proud of you showing up every day and giving the best you can. Happy #MothersDay!
@nexthinknews Fri 7th May
Tips from the desk of IT and HR, @GuyClapperton talks to leaders on how to increase wellbeing and engagement from employees during remote work.
@nexthinknews Thu 6th May
Who owns SaaS applications? What is SaaS application success? Our latest survey report reveals IT’s delicate balancing act and other key SaaS application findings.
@nexthinknews Wed 5th May
Our Chief Strategy Officer Yassine Zaied recently addressed in @ITProPortal the lessons learned from the past year and how IT can plan accordingly for future hybrid working.
@nexthinknews Wed 5th May