What would say to your younger marketing or sales self? 🤔 TOMORROW three incredible ABX leaders will share with us their first-hand experiences and help you build something amazing for your future marketing & sales self. See you there then. 👀
@reachdeskHQ Wed 9th November
Scale your GTM strategy and send corporate gifts anywhere. 🎁 Even to countries that don't exist... #Listenbourg
@reachdeskHQ Tue 8th November
ABX is here to stay, and if you hop onto this bandwagon, you can wave your competition goodbye and jump right into GTM success. 🚀 Not convinced? Come listen to first-hand stories and experiences from top ABX leaders to learn all about it.
@reachdeskHQ Thu 3rd November
There are currently seven unicorns in Portugal. At @WebSummit this year, we’re introducing a new one: gifting. 🎁 Join our masterclass, “Gifting: The unicorn of SaaS”, with our co-founder and CRO, Alex, and get the inside scoop on the world of corporate gifting & direct mail.
@reachdeskHQ Fri 28th October