Proud to see Woogas participating in a discussion at the 2022 Women in Games conference on the topic of 'Creating a fair working culture' Thanks Women-in-Games for providing such an amazing platform: https://t.co/wGBpWpTVQ4 #genderdiversity #womeningames #fairworkingculture https://t.co/1ALYFiY2mP
@wooga Thu 15th September
Thanks Anne Autenrieb for taking us back in time and point out some of Wooga's illustrious highlights...but, importantly, Lenka Kaciakova (our VP of Operations) in this Q&A also does not shy away from highlighting some of the low-lights... https://t.co/QBNUNT2aSz #levelupwithus
@wooga Mon 15th August
Hiring for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @wooga - check out Silvia De Grandis' blog #pride2022 #hr #hiring https://t.co/BtsFM1Jx3X https://t.co/EZZCBZnjuB
@wooga Thu 21st July
Thanks @ecosia for taking on the responsibility for planting the 200k trees raised and donated through our recent tree-planting campaign in June's Journey. #Kudos to all our players and the Wooga team that made our #GreenGameJam participation possible. https://t.co/PSsysK44Qm
@wooga Thu 7th July