Poor service is not the fault of store teams when half of frontline workers don’t think training prepared them well for their jobs. Discover how to transform training for a better customer shopping experience! #retailtraining https://t.co/JUNhJTl5Cm
@Yoobic Thu 11th August
Brilliant insights in this article by our CEO, Fabrice Haiat, explaining the genuinely impactful ways retailers can invest in their frontline teams to drive engagement. 🚀 #employeeengagement #retailteams https://t.co/YXiIpV3lu3
@Yoobic Tue 9th August
Great example of a retailer embracing the changing role of the store! Investing in stores is key to a successful retail #omnichannel strategy. 🛒🛍️ https://t.co/eIu6lCWXgZ
@Yoobic Fri 5th August
What do sailing, 3am clubbing, and luck have in common? ⛵ They’re all themes in this week’s cartoon and guest blog post by Emmanuel Aublet about how to improve Health and Safety culture! #retailmanagement #retailing https://t.co/alupRIRP97
@Yoobic Thu 4th August