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Hi, we’re Nexthink. We’re not just the leader in the digital employee experience category, we invented the category. Our solutions combine real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints to help IT teams delight people at work. Our cloud-native platform pinpoints issues and solutions, automates response, and helps companies continuously improve their employees’ experience, making them more productive, efficient, and happy at work. We have millions of endpoints deployed, we’ve surpassed $100M in ARR, and we’ve recently secured $180M in Series D financing for a company valuation of $1.1B, but we’re just getting started.

Job Description

We are the architecture team at Nexthink. We are looking for someone interested in the latest technologies and eager to help us prototype or implement cloud-based solutions.

We are open to discussing with candidates about their interests and will definitively find the dream internship topic for them!

 Some of the current projects that we have in our team for interns are

  • Serverless event-driven architecture: Today, Nexthink cloud-native infrastructure leverages extensively event-driven principles, where events trigger application logic inside tens/hundreds of microservices. Students would explore the benefit of combining event-driven approach with serverless / functions as a service technology for the Nexthink use cases


  • Real-time query systems evaluation: In recent years, several new technologies have emerged to tackle to problem of real-time OLAP queries in innovative ways (like Apache Pinot). Different approaches are used to support data ingestion on streams (e.g., real-time segments, Kafka/Kinesis integrations) and for fast aggregation queries (e.g., Star Tree Index). Students would evaluate the different systems for the Nexthink use cases and prototype these.


  • Apache Kafka KSQL is the high-level DSL language, part of the Apache Kafka ecosystem, developed to interact with streams of data in real-time via SQL-like queries. Today, KSQL requires a schema registry as a reference for the serialization/deserialization of messages received from streams. Although powerful, this approach limits the integration of KSQL with existing applications not using a registry for the schema. Students would extend the current KSQL server to support the usage of custom serializer/deserializer and to combine this with the current schema-driven approach.
  • Internal Tech Radars for different domains: This is about implementing the end-to-end release and infrastructure deployment of these tech radars in our AWS architecture accounts, using the latest AWS technologies and tooling like terraform terragrunt, and setting up continuous deployment. This is an internship about cloud infrastructure implementation and will allow the student to learn a lot about AWS, DevOps, and infrastructure-as-code


  • The architecture team at Nexthink is setting up a new governance model leveraging manifests and getting as much as feasible information from code instead of duplicating the data in tools. In this context, we want to set up a prototype with Kubernetes CRDs (custom resource descriptor) that would allow a Kubernetes controller to identify dependencies database usage and publish this to a central system that would be implemented as part of this prototype. This is an internship about the implementation of Kubernetes-specific services in various programming languages and deploying this in cloud environments.


We usually look for a 3-6-month internship, and the person will be taking responsibility in the following primary areas:

•    Work closely with the architecture team on one of the above topics

•    Conducting explorations and research of available solutions

•    Analysis, design, and implementation of prototypes when needed

•    Documenting the results, including technical design if applicable and providing recommendations

•    Presenting to architects, senior software engineers, and management team


  • Knowledge of languages such as Java, Scala, Python, C/C++, JavaScript, SQL, Go, etc.. with a good understanding of design practices in programming.
  • Working towards a BSc/MSc in Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies autonomously.
  • Ability to drive projects with minimal supervision, delivering and refining features iteratively.
  • Ability to conduct research and understand requirements.
  • Some experience in professional software development is a plus.
  • Experience with cloud native technologies and AWS is a plus.
  • Experience delivering using agile/lean principles is a plus.
  • Ability to work in English (spoken and written).

Additional Information

We are nearly 800 employees strong in 21 countries across 8 different time zones speaking 60+ languages. We are positive, we get things done, we keep growing, and we are one team, we are Nexthink. We believe actions are stronger than words when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace. Nexthinkers are multinational and multilingual, and come from all walks of life. We are committed to hiring a genuinely representative workforce that can create solutions and foster innovation for the modern digital employee experience.

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