Juniqe makers create exit

Posted: 31 May, 2024

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Lea Lange and Marc Pohl have sold their poster start-up. Investors from the same industry have made a move.

Lea Lange and Marc Pohl have apparently sold their start-up Juniqe at the end of November. This is reported by Gründerszene with reference to a communication from the start-ups. The two founders are leaving the management and will remain on board as consultants. According to the report, the two have signed a contract with RMR Verwaltungs GmbH. The holding company is owned by Myposter founders Rene and Marc Ruhland.

Poster start-up Juniqe is a good thematic fit for the portfolio. Since its founding in 2014, the start-up had raised around 20 million euros in venture capital and brought well-known investors such as Vorwerk Ventures and the Cewe Foundation on board. The founders themselves held 15 percent, with Sebastian Hasebrink holding around seven percent. The co-founder had already left the start-up four years ago. The investors should now benefit from the deal. How much RMR Verwaltungs GmbH paid for Juniqe, however, initially remained a secret.

Juniqe is said to have recently turned over 26 million euros with posters and images, and thanks to the pandemic, the start-up was also profitable for the first time. However, it is still unknown how high the profit was in 2021. By way of comparison, according to the new owners, Myposter most recently generated 40 million euros in revenue.