#FRAlert - powered by Intersec's public alerting technologies - was used for the first time this week in France to preventatively evacuate people from three towns in the southwest region due to the extreme #heat and #wildfires. #Cellbroadcast #EUAlert
@IntersecGroup Wed 20th July
🎬 Meet Alex, US/UI Designer. "We hold ourselves to high professional standards. We use cutting-edge technologies like Vue.js 3 for front-end telecom and 5G for telecom, and we always look for ways to improve our technological stack".
@IntersecGroup Wed 20th July
A run for a good cause supporting Imagine for Margo - Children without Cancer, at the occasion of the Quality of Life at Work week. Well done! #BestPlaceToWork #IntersecGotTalent #SQVT2022
@IntersecGroup Mon 27th June
[June 21, 2022] Today marks the deadline issued by the European Commission requiring all EU countries to operate a #publicwarning system that can send geo-targeted emergency alerts to mobile phone users. Reach out to us: #cellbroadcast #EUAlert #FRAlert
@IntersecGroup Tue 21st June