Marketers and publishers looking to drive success on iOS should: 1) continue to optimize SKAN solutions and 2) get users to understand the value they get from opting in. Learn how to increase your ATT opt-in on our latest post with @InMobi 👉 https://t.co/D2IhuK5zwv
@jampp Thu 4th August
We're answering some of the FAQs about conversion values in SKAN 4.0, such as: 1️⃣ What are coarse and fine-grained conversion values? 2️⃣ Will I always see a conversion value in the postback? 3️⃣ What are the next steps to get ready for SKAN 4.0? https://t.co/TDmH1bjfmw
@jampp Fri 29th July
RT @apppromotion: SKAdNetwork 4.0 vs SKAdNetwork 3.0: https://t.co/zveKO3hezL (by @jampp)
@jampp Tue 26th July
Want to level up your creative strategy 🎨? In this post, we cover some FAQs regarding creative testing in #programmatic and share some examples of what elements you can test to optimize your mobile marketing ads. Learn more: https://t.co/bxSUUIRvTm -
@jampp Tue 26th July