Key performance indicators are the Rosetta Stone to building out a successful ecommerce strategy for your brand. Our guide will break down the most essential KPIs and answer all your questions. Download the guide here to win on the #digitalshelf:
@@salsify Thu 14th October
Stride Rite has announced they have chosen Salsify as their new PIM system! As a leader in PIM, Salsify will create a new product management experience to generate more sales and create efficiency in their systems. Learn more in the full CQL article here:
@@salsify Wed 13th October
To truly win on the #digitalshelf means not just focusing on tactic but building up the people who support it Come join us for a webinar on Oct. 18 at 1 p.m. ET to find out how you can roll out ecommerce education across your organization. Register here:
@@salsify Wed 13th October
With record breaking ecommerce sales in the past few years, and a projected even higher growth in the coming ones, your brand can’t afford to ignore the impact of ecommerce. Learn more on how your company can digitally transform in our latest blog post:
@@salsify Tue 12th October