Brand and retail partnerships are making a comeback in 2022, and are only continuing to grow. Companies have utilized these partnerships in various ways, and have helped brands successfully stand out on the digital shelf.
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Looking to win the digital shelf? Retail and brand partnerships can be a game changer. Here are four examples of killer partnerships from brands like @Target @LEVIS, @amazon and @BestBuy that have generated effective results through collaboration.
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Learn how to build a content strategy for any stage of your maturity that can adapt to the changing needs of retailers and trends in the space in this Feb 3 Webinar featuring Anu Bliss, Lauren Livak, and Peter Crosby. To register please visit:
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Now that the holiday shopping season ended, how did it go? Take our short quiz to test your ecommerce knowledge — and download our new Cyber Week post-mortem to get helpful insights and next steps for 2022:
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