According to @Forbes brick-and-mortar sales are on the rise, meaning your omnichannel strategy is more critical than ever. We’ve curated a list of 3 next-generation approaches for your retail product display. Read more here:
@@salsify Tue 22nd November
Retailers have been known to change their product content requirements almost daily. As a result, brands often have complex systems to manage & distribute content data. The solution is product content syndication. Read our crash course here:
@@salsify Mon 21st November
As DTC ecommerce continues to grow, a powerful PIM solution becomes even more vital to ensure ecommerce teams have the agility and speed needed to stay ahead of the competition. As a result, we've created “The Current State of Global DTC Commerce” -
@@salsify Thu 17th November
Join us tomorrow from 1 - 2p.m. E.T. for a panel discussion hosted by Rutter with Justin King, the Chief Evangelist at Salsify, to talk about trends in the modern e-commerce stack. Register now here:
@@salsify Wed 16th November