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Salsify and Alkemics join forces to deploy a global platform that will revolutionize the commerce experience

Posted: 18 May, 2021

The combined solution will power open collaboration and content exchange between suppliers and retailers, facilitating superior product experiences everywhere consumers shop. The partnership between a European and an American company establishes a new product content giant in a world where trust and transparency are no longer optional

Paris – May 18, 2021 – Alkemics, the Supplier Experience Management platform adopted by all major French grocery retailers and several major UK retailers, today is announcing its acquisition by Salsify, an American company whose internationally renowned Product Experience Management platform helps brands win on the digital shelf. The combined capabilities make the Salsify Commerce Experience Management platform (CommerceXM) the only continuously adaptive system of record and workflow for brands and retailers.

Today’s retail faces new challenges:

Consumers are now in charge of when, where, and how they shop. When brands and retailers deliver an accurate, consistent, and persuasive product experience wherever consumers engage, they will reward retailers and brands for that experience. To illustrate just how important information has become, over half of all consumers have decided not to buy a food product at least once due to lack of product information (source: OpinionWay study conducted for Alkemics).

Consumers have become omnichannel shoppers, but legacy processes and technologies that predate the rise of online shopping hinder continuous collaboration among retailers and suppliers, preventing them from effectively addressing today’s challenges. Overcoming these obstacles is a goal that Salsify and Alkemics have shared since their inception.

“Alkemics has very elegantly solved a major problem for retailers, cleanly complementing Salsify’s focus on solving the problems that brand manufacturers face,” said Jason Purcell, co-founder and CEO of Salsify. “Salsify is the leading Product Experience Management platform with a strong focus on ecommerce. Alkemics is the leading Supplier Experience Management provider in Europe with deep expertise in digitizing traditional retailer processes. Combining our teams of product-centric engineering and data innovators into a single global Commerce Experience Management provider will transform how retailers and suppliers deliver the best consumer experience possible.”

One platform, three pillars

With today’s acquisition of Alkemics, the Salsify platform now consists of three main components:

● Product Experience Management (ProductXM) empowers brands, retailers, and distributors to create, deliver, and optimize product experiences that win the algorithm across all their digital touchpoints

● Supplier Experience Management (SupplierXM) enables retailers to win the omni channel shopper through deep collaboration with their suppliers at every stage of their commercial relationship

● CommerceXM Network is the open, two-way collaboration network through which brands, distributors, and retailers exchange data, content, and communications to most efficiently deliver winning products to the market at scale.

The acquisition allows Salsify to provide centralized product experience management to customers, coupled with data syndication and enhanced collaboration for the interactions and business processes that suppliers and retailers share, as well as improved analytics capabilities.

“We have already been partners for years with a built-in integration to Salsify for their customers to transmit data to our EMEA retailer customers,” observed Antoine Durieux, co-founder and CEO of Alkemics. “The acquisition enables us to be even more valuable to customers on their digital transformation journeys by providing them with a platform that is collaborative, open, and interoperable. The result is the ability to constantly adapt to, and even anticipate, new commerce trends.”

With this acquisition, Salsify furthers its position as the only global CommerceXM platform featuring both the ability to truly support customers worldwide and the largest product and engineering team.

Together, their universe of current and potential customers now extends across the entire global supplier, retailer, and distributor network of companies. The combined company boasts marquee brand customers such as Mars, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Bosch, and GSK, as well as retailers and distributors such as E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Intermarché, and Metro.

The fastest-growing company in the space, Salsify will cross $100M ARR by mid-2021, have about 600 employees, and have offices in Paris, Boston, and Lisbon. Antoine Durieux and the rest of the Alkemics executive team will continue to lead Alkemics business operations.

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About Alkemics:

Alkemics is a Supplier Experience Management platform that helps retailers to engage with their suppliers at every stage of their commercial relationship to better serve consumers, from sourcing and product discovery to the listing process and omnichannel sales. The platform is used by large-scale retailers in Europe to discover, list, and launch products from more than 20,000 brands. These brands/suppliers use the platform to increase their visibility among retailers, as well as to offer greater transparency to their consumers, as they can share their product catalog across all types of channels.

Alkemics employs 130 staff members and offers numerous career opportunities in France and Europe. The Alkemics platform is currently adding specialized retail beyond grocery, such as DIY, beauty, health, toys and furniture.

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About Salsify:

Salsify helps brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in over 80 countries collaborate to win on the digital shelf. The company’s Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform accelerates time to market for products, facilitates cross-team and cross-organization collaboration at scale, and provides the insights needed to continuously optimize product pages across channels. The result is shopper-centric, frictionless, and memorable commerce experiences. Great commerce experiences that are delivered efficiently improve brand trust, amplify product differentiation and assortments, increase conversion rate, improve profit margins, and decrease time to market.

Learn how world’s largest brands, including Mars, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Bosch, and GSK, as well as retailers and distributors such as E.Leclerc, Carrefour, Metro, and Intermarché use Salsify everyday to stand out on the digital shelf.

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