Have your #CSR plans rolled over into 2021? If you need a little inspiration on how to embrace taboo CSR topics this year, @Glossy has you covered with this deep dive into a few beauty💄 brand successes from 2020 here:
@Smartlyio Fri 15th January
Is Javascript enough for my first job? Should I learn frontend or backend to get my first job? @TomiHiltunen reveals all about the ideal junior dev – catch his open @Codecademy talk on Jan 21st:
@Smartlyio Fri 15th January
ICYMI: @MarTechSeries pulled together an amazing resource hub of 2021 expert insights that includes some key info from our VP Corinne Demadis on what to expect from #influencer marketing this year. Check it out:
@Smartlyio Thu 14th January
Our own VP Corinne Demadis recently discussed the unique opportunity Q5 presents for marketers to extend sales and have a successful start to the new year. @ClickZ has the full story here:
@Smartlyio Wed 13th January