Take a peek at @RetailDive's top 10 trends retailers need to be keeping top of mind as we hastily move into 2022! They've got everything covered here:
@Smartlyio Mon 17th January
According to our VP, Viralspace at @Smartlyio, to effectively and responsibly utilize #AI, human augmentation must play a critical role. More AI insights and 2022 predictions from @ToolboxforIT here:
@Smartlyio Fri 14th January
This great piece by Yle discusses the impact Glassdoor has as a channel of feedback on workplaces – and why our developer Alex Jilkin decided to relocate from Tel Aviv to Helsinki to work with us.
@Smartlyio Thu 13th January
New 2022 shopping innovations have been revealed by @FastCompany's senior staff writer Dr. Elizabeth Segran. We're talking texting to shop and eliminating the (time-consuming) credit card input process 😮.
@Smartlyio Thu 13th January