RT @DragonCityGame: Some of our beloved dragons have got caught up in an inexplicable dimensional shift, their elements have mutated and a…
@Socialpoint Tue 9th August
After our new character crush, your nightmares will never be the same... This is Clawgore, or, in other words, what happens when an Abomination becomes a Galactic Mythic. Can you image the dentist bills? 😱 Get this free Legends Pass monster at @Monster_Legends! #Socialpoint
@Socialpoint Wed 3rd August
Four mighty ocean dragons are trying to save their underwater world from being polluted with plastic and trash! Join #Oceanarchy at @DragonCityGame to help them out. Remember: we must work together and look after the homes of our dear underwater friends! #SaveTheOcean ♻️ 🌊
@Socialpoint Mon 25th July
Some key stakeholders from @zynga visited us in #Barcelona this week. There was time to meet our leadership and teams, explore synergies, talk #MobileGaming...and, of course, to taste some typical Catalan delicacies. We look forward to the next visit, Barcelona is your home! 🏠
@Socialpoint Fri 22nd July