Getting from original idea to final delivery shouldn’t be a chore. With portals and reviews, WeTransfer's newest features, it’s easy to give, receive, and keep track of feedback. Just ask @BABYMETAL_JAPAN. Learn more → https://t.co/grbnamQ1yn https://t.co/hYjae5NZna
@WeTransfer Tue 18th January
For a professional creative like @lizzie_darden, streamlining work is essential. For us, watching Peachy the cat help manage projects is also essential. Together, they use our new features to make a mighty team. Learn more about portals and reviews → https://t.co/cpFuI63S7G https://t.co/6KOGnroXiA
@WeTransfer Sat 15th January
Proud of you we are, young padwan. https://t.co/hOl83vvXrU
@WeTransfer Fri 14th January
For freelance artist and designer @yourbuddymeg, the clutter is real. So we set her up with portals and reviews, our newest features, to help her juggle freelance projects. Everything all in one place! https://t.co/kMZeQetqSf
@WeTransfer Fri 14th January