WeTransfer acquires award-winning creative apps Paper and Paste

Posted: 21 August, 2018

File-sharing company WeTransfer has acquired the Paper and Paste creative apps from FiftyThree.

Founded in 2011, New York City-based FiftyThree was known for developing Paper, its drawing app that won Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2012. It later released another product, Paste, a presentation tool.

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We believe technology should serve
the human need to create. Our combined products support the transfer and transformation of ideas while keeping creative teams in their flow. Over the last seven years, we shaped the very nature of creation on mobile, and with WeTransfer we will expand the focus to the web.
— Georg Petschnigg, FiftyThree co-founder and CEO

FiftyThree’s founders Georg Petschnigg and Andrew Allen and the teams in New York and
Seattle will join WeTransfer to continue to grow and develop WeTransfer’s suite of creative

This is WeTransfer’s first acquisition of an American company, and marks the second major
step in the organization’s expansion into the United States, which began with the opening of a
Los Angeles office in 2016. With this acquisition, WeTransfer will have offices both on the East
(New York City) and the West Coast (Los Angeles).