One week ago, @LeTourFemmes made history. Now we’re ready to do it all over again… and again! πŸ’ͺ 3 more years at least of sponsoring the #TDFF & of #WatchTheFemmes! πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ
@@GoZwift Sun 7th August
RT @WMNcycling: TTT warm up πŸ’₯ Give our riders a RIDE ON πŸ‘ if you pass us on @GoZwift #UCIWWT @PaulienaR @BossuytS @MaudOudeman @GoZwi…
@@GoZwift Sat 6th August
Off the Maap is here! And it's time to spot those special locations that are indeed off the map πŸ—Ί πŸ˜‰ Find ye first clue where you give a kudos. P.s. we are @gozwift on Strava! πŸ‘
@@GoZwift Fri 5th August
Join us in spotlighting the incredible women who worked behind the scenes of @LeTourFemmes! πŸ‘ THANK YOU! #TdFF #WatchTheFemmes 🧑
@@GoZwift Thu 4th August