August 2018


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Many companies choose to run Spark in a cloud-native way, but data teams are faced with challenges in this transition. So, is it just hype, or is it worth it? Join us for a deep dive into Apache Spark on K8s [email protected] Register 👉
@Spot_by_netapp Thu 13th January
Continuous Verification is a crucial phase to deploy fast & safely to production. See one of the most powerful capabilities that is being developed in 'Ocean CD', a Continuous Delivery product for K8s applications. Read more in blog by @Amir__Golan 👉
@Spot_by_netapp Thu 23rd December
📈 Maximum availability without the risk. Ever wonder how Spot scores the spot market to ensure your workloads stay up and running at 90% less cost? Read our blog to learn how 👉 #Cloud #costmanagement
@Spot_by_netapp Wed 22nd December

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