August 2018


Spot's vision is to optimize and automate every workload in the world across all compute types and all cloud providers

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Spot by NetApp’s Raj Das spoke to The Register about the findings from our DevOps Revealed survey of 200+ DevOps professionals >> #DevOps #DevOpsRevealed #CloudComputing #Automation #NetApp
@Spot_by_netapp Wed 22nd March
☁️ What Makes a Good CloudOps Organization? Automation can hold the key to less waste, more efficient teams and happier site reliability engineers. In this episode of The New Stack Makers, Mekka Williams, shows you how 🤔👉 #engineers #spotbynetapp
@Spot_by_netapp Wed 22nd March
We spoke to more than 200 DevOps professionals about how they view their role and what needs to change for them to deliver more value Make DevOps excellence a priority for 2023! Read the blog post for more >>
@Spot_by_netapp Tue 21st March

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