July 2020


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Who here wants to improve their client reporting? You? Awesome. 🤩 In this podcast episode, we catch up with Chris Hirlemann, Head of Data at Sleeping Giant Media to learn the ins and outs of client reporting. Check it out 👉
@Supermetrics Thu 29th July
Who wants to copy/paste their MySQL data to Google Sheets? 😫 It’s time-consuming and error-prone. 😫 If you’re looking for a better way to export data from MySQL (or any other database) to Google Sheets, follow these steps 👉
@Supermetrics Wed 28th July
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone at your startup or scaleup could access data that’s: 💡 Clean 💡 Consistent 💡 Secure That’d be cool, right? Here’s how to get there 👇
@Supermetrics Tue 27th July

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