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Finanzcheck is Germany’s fastest growing loan marketplace, comparing over 30 banks and P2P lender scorecards in providing real-time meta online comparison of consumer loans. All comparisons are free and without obligation, resulting in on average customer interest cost saving of 30% and 2x the loan matching success versus stand-alone banks. In addition, Finanzcheck offers innovative B2B2C white label and B2B consumer financing technology solutions for brokers and banks.

The success of Finanzcheck.de is for a large part based on strong and reliable partnerships, both on the operational as well as on the shareholder side - partners, that could bring a lot of added value to the table. When we entered the growth stage, we knew Highland Europe would be the right partner on board to really scale the company for years to come!
— Moritz Thiele, Founder and CEO of Finanzcheck.de

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