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Amrit Santhirasenan

When Amrit came for some guidance then suddenly found himself with two eager investors willing to make an earlier-than-usual bet: how we met hyperexponential
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Martina King

How Martina could not resist the CEO’s seat at Featurespace and led the company to global leadership in fraud prevention.
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Jonathan Cherki

Jonathan launched Contentsquare in 2012 in Paris. Since then, it’s become a global leader in digital experience analytics - and our partner Tony’s “fourth baby.”
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Company News

We are on X

Why doesn't Europe create as many #cybersecurity startups as our other regions? Last week, we teamed up with @1011vc, @EvolutionEquity and @Paladincap to host a great dinner to begin to solve that. We know it's a long road but also an exciting path of growth!

Highland Europe is proud to be joining Interinvest on their journey championing LGBT+ equality and inclusion across the investment industry! 🌈

We are delighted to welcome @Wirepas to the Highland Europe family! 🥳

Highland Europe is thrilled to partner with @WeArePVcase, the global leader in solar project design software! Huge congratulations to the entire team!