June 2021


Provider of pricing and risk modelling software for the commercial and speciality insurance sector

Company News

Our Christmas hampers by @soc_supermarket were delicious - and it turns out that the cardboard box doubles up as an enticing cat basket! https://t.co/V6yV0uW4gV
@@hxtweets Fri 17th December
This hackathon saw us add real world factors like global warming and inflation to the platformer Hollow Knight and then feed that data into an insurance model in Renew. Curious?.. Learn more --> https://t.co/CfRnpmtBN2
@@hxtweets Thu 21st October
Here’s a sneak peek into our lunchtime games session for our annual #blogathon this week... Can anyone guess the word? https://t.co/J0X9z1waQL
@@hxtweets Thu 14th October

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