June 2021


Provider of pricing and risk modelling software for the commercial and speciality insurance sector

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Alex Catterall joined hx a few months ago as Project Manager and is already proving himself to be an amazing addition to the team. So amazing that we wrote a blog about him --> https://t.co/bpoUH9uCXZ
@@hxtweets Thu 22nd July
RT @TechCrunch: London-based insurtech Hyperexponential closes $18M round led by Highland Europe https://t.co/rzvrsfOmpj by @mikebutcher
@@hxtweets Thu 1st July
Its been pretty surreal reading about our successful fundraise this morning in @TechCrunch #humblebrag - We're hiring right now so why not see if you'd like to join our amazing team as we go from start-up to scale-up! https://t.co/gcSeXbMq2G
@@hxtweets Wed 30th June

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