July 2020

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Farewill was created to make death easier for everyone

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Our updated compassionate leave policy includes time off for pregnancy loss. This includes miscarriage, abortion and still birth, for partners and surrogate mothers too (1/4) https://t.co/UwXOfBNXKX
@farewill Mon 18th October
We're so proud to be named as no. 3 (!) in the @startupstowers 100 most disruptive and innovative UK startups! πŸ†πŸš€ We created Farewill to change the way the world deals with death, and we’re so proud of our incredible team who work hard to do that every day πŸ’›
@farewill Mon 4th October
Welcome to Death & Us 2021, a report looks at trends and changes in attitudes to death over the last year. Here are some of the highlights from the report, but you can download the full thing here https://t.co/rt5TTpU272 πŸ’› (1/6)
@farewill Thu 23rd September

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