June 2021

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Unibuddy News

After this global, 12-hour marathon of a day, we've reached the finish line! 🏃 A huge thanks to our engaged audience, superb panelists, and all of our Buddies who contributed to a successful #UnibuddyConnect 2022. We in the US office will celebrate that. 🥂 https://t.co/Dk7sOIs69Y
@unibuddy_ Thu 27th October
Worries about graduate enrollment are especially valid in this day and age. But Ayo Strange from @ETSInsights and Maureen Grasso from @NCState just gave us a boatload of solid strategies to navigate the terrain in our final session of the day at #UnibuddyConnect! 👏 https://t.co/d8NtDARap3
@unibuddy_ Thu 27th October
Our Co-Founder and CEO Diego Fanara just delivered a stellar product keynote with a healthy dose of BeRealness. 📲 Behavioral psychology and decision-making engines are a part of Unibuddy's vision for the future. Watch the recording to learn what we mean. 👀 #UnibuddyConnect https://t.co/yRVLHrD1g3
@unibuddy_ Thu 27th October

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