July 21


YOOBIC is the all-in-one digital workplace for frontline teams across retail, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing, construction and more.

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Fantastic to be featured in this piece from FMCG magazine! Great analysis of how "delivering a great digital employee experience is key to attracting and retaining a frontline workforce". 🎯🀝 #digitalworkplace #laborshortage https://t.co/9SwaCYVSHc
@Yoobic Mon 18th October
We're delighted to have been featured on the 17x list for the Top UK Companies 2021! πŸ† #digitalworkplace https://t.co/SbgJtvqRLa
@Yoobic Thu 14th October
Is it be possible to boost performance during a labor shortage? Here's 3 ways you can make it happen. πŸš€ #laborshortage #frontlineemployees #digitalworkplace https://t.co/4i2u3Iuq4V
@Yoobic Wed 13th October

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